Edessa Meek-Dixon

Edessa Meek-Dixon


Edessa engages talented students to become successful professionals in the global fashion industry.


Edessa prepares its students for successful careers in the design industry and serves as a leader in the growing Midwest market through innovation, business partnerships, and community support. 


  • Promoting student potential and providing a superior education product through experienced and dedicated faculty

  • Fostering educational connections between academic study and real-world experience

  • Creating a diverse student-centric campus culture that provides life-changing opportunities in a positive and empowering environment

  • Creating an educational community that continuously strives for growth and innovation through strong interpersonal and industry connections

Nearly a half-century ago, Edessa Meek Dixon taught her young granddaughter, Lynne how to sew.  This is a large reason why Lynne Dixon Speller completed a B.S. in Interior Design and Architectural Planning as well as a M.S. in Textiles and Clothing. More importantly it led to something bigger than Lynne and Edessa.

A small group of administrative and educational professionals are combining their collective knowledge and experience to develop and launch a college of apparel design and fashion marketing.  Named to honor the memory of Lynne’s grandmother, Edessa School of Fashion will be located in an urban setting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Edessa’s mission is to encourage a diverse body of motivated students to enhance their creative skills through the use of design, experience, and community engagement. 

Edessa Meek Dixon, a pioneering African American woman, graduated with a degree in home economics from Tuskegee Institute on May 27, 1920, despite the obstacles and societal norms of the day. Edessa set an example of perseverance and achievement.  She inspired her granddaughter and hundreds of young people to pursue their career passions.  

Edessa’s founders believe apparel design and marketing students can thrive with a bachelor's degree that allows them to select an area of concentration in their field of study, rather than a generic, overall degree. Edessa offers the opportunity to specialize within the field.